Signs of jealous family members

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I was also taught to make decisions and live my life based on what others would think- not on what was right- but I taught my kids to do what is right regardless of what others think- that they only need to worry about what God thinks! They gave me no reason, but simply dropped me out of their lives. We were very close and he was like my older brother.

Signs of jealous family members

There is not much you can do about a jealous parent or sibling except avoid them until they change their attitude. The last thing he wants is to know you are happy.

Signs of jealous family members

Signs of jealous family members

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  1. As for friends, they do the same and sometimes resent when you call or come around them. Having a child of your own gender is especially important to some people.

    Their jealousy and ending our friendship had little to do with me, anything I had done, or anything I had in my life. One had a husband who went straight to the bar every day after work, sat there for hours to avoid going home, and got blitzed before he had to deal with her every evening.

    Here is something I did not realize until I was in my 50s. Godly people are not by nature jealous, envious, or competitive- because the things of the world are not important to us.


    Perhaps he is angry that you are not as obsessed with him. The Scriptures are very clear in calling jealousy and envy a serious sin, which will keep the jealous person from heaven.

    We each need to decide what our tolerance level is for phony relationships with people who will never be happy for us and are just waiting for us to stumble or for some disaster to befall us so that they can then feel good. Having a child of your own gender is especially important to some people.

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