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They're actively encouraged to join, but somehow there are less women then [sic] men. Why not start at the ground up?

Skeptic trademark

Every complaint, when met with a fix, is simply just flipped into a complaint about the fix. Skepticality was adopted as the group's official podcast.

Skeptic trademark

Skeptic trademark

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  1. The Skeptics Society also publishes eSkeptic, a weekly email newsletter on skeptical topics.

    Feminism is about empowering women to choose. Podcasts[ edit ] The Skeptics Society distributes two free podcasts.

    This is the logic we're up against. I like to make fun of the right and creationists, but I take my skepticism of the left very seriously.

    After watching videos from thunderf00t , TheAmazingAtheist , and CultOfDusty , he questioned his beliefs and ended up becoming an atheist.

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