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Spelling[ edit ] According to sources such as the Sesame Workshop website and Sesame Street Unpaved , the character's name is spelled "Snuffleupagus" although it's occasionally hyphenated. I remember I was moving to Marin County the next day. It never occurred to us to get Bea Arthur.


I think I probably had about two weeks to storyboard, then start character designs. The Chewbacca family could only be in the costumes for 45 minutes. Snuffy returns, then tells Elmo he had better go home and brush his fur to prepare for the grown-ups' arrival, but Elmo holds on to his snuffle so he cannot go.



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  1. He has a story. They were spending a lot of money for stage rental, lighting, a TV truck, and everyone was putting in really long hours.

    Michael Hirsh Nelvana Co-Founder: We had written lots of non-verbal stuff.

    He asked people on his crew, including David, who we were. I thought it was a terrible idea.

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