Sorness from too much sex friction

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Make sure you put it on correctly. Balanitis may occur due to infection or allergic reactions. Make sure you use plenty of lubricant lube and try to take your focus off orgasm as the main goal during sex.

Sorness from too much sex friction

Use a water-based lubricant or a prelubricated condom during partner sex and solo play to reduce friction. Condoms and lube may alleviate the discomfort.

Sorness from too much sex friction

Sorness from too much sex friction

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  1. You can usually manage a friction burn at home but keep an eye out for more serious symptoms.

    Following orgasm and ejaculation, it is common to have a hypersensitive glans penis the end of the penis.

    There are a wide variety of lubricants available, from pharmacies, supermarkets and on line, so experiment with some! This might only be apparent with an erection and can cause pain during penetrative intercourse.

    Condoms and lube may alleviate the discomfort.

    If this is hugely uncomfortable it can lead to other sexual difficulties, such as loss of desire.

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