Starcraft 2 updating tools 0

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You can now translate, scale, and rotate placed objects using manipulators. The Ladder tab on the Score Screen now properly updates if a player is promoted to Grandmaster.

Starcraft 2 updating tools 0

Shadow Fury upgrade icon no longer displays the Protoss Ground Level 3 icon. Custom hotkeys are now retained for Protoss Weapon and Armor upgrades.

Starcraft 2 updating tools 0

Starcraft 2 updating tools 0

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  1. In Enemy Intelligence, a minimap icon now properly displays when Nova is defeated.

    In The Host, the Adept now regenerates shield at a proper rate.

    Fixed an issue that allowed the Hyperion to still attack even when under the effect of the Moment of Silence Mutator.

    Fixed an issue where Mission Objectives were sometimes not displaying properly.

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