Stone implements dating from 900 to 2400bc

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Two factors account for this: Large amounts of weaponry dating from the Late Bronze Age have been discovered in Ireland.

Stone implements dating from 900 to 2400bc

Shaping and polishing a jade axe would have taken many months if not years. Length 85 mm, max width 21 mm, max thickness 8 mm.

Stone implements dating from 900 to 2400bc

Stone implements dating from 900 to 2400bc

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  1. It is thought by some scholars to be associated with the Beaker People of the Bronze Age, but the more mainstream view is, or at least used to be, that " Celts " arrived much later at the beginning of the Iron Age. The spearhead was discovered buried seven feet deep in a bog.

    Irish gold ornaments have been found as far afield as Germany and Scandinavia , and gold-related trade was very possibly a major factor in the Bronze Age Irish economy. This had developed out of the collections of the Belfast Natural History Society , later renamed the Belfast Municipal Museum and Art Gallery, and was renamed again in

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