Strangers podcast

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It's about fateful moments, bad dates, long lost friends, life-saving kindnesses, and those frightful moments when we discover that we aren't even who we thought we were. Here's Jennefer Ludwigsen's story from a recent episode:

Strangers podcast

Then I plow through all those hours of interview tape and string them into one coherent story. Then I plow through all those hours of interview tape and string them into one coherent story.

Strangers podcast

Strangers podcast

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  1. I'm raising money for season 2. That's a lot work, but it's worth to me, because what I've always loved about storytelling, more than any other art form, is that stories take us on journeys and show us that the world is vast and that there are many ways to live, but at the SAME time, good, true stories highlight those fundamental, human themes that bring us together across cultural and social and geographical divides.

    Seriously, I will love you forever!

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