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Toponymy[ edit ] There are several theories as to the origin of the name Mildura. The Calder Highway leaves Mildura heading south through the orchards and vineyards of Irymple and Red Cliffs where in Barclay Square, right alongside the highway, stands the towering profile of Big Lizzie, a forty-five tonne steam tractor used in the clearing of the land in the mid 's.

Sunraysia victoria

Visit the district's vineyards and wineries, with such well known names as McWilliam's Wines and Robinvale Wines. Toponymy[ edit ] There are several theories as to the origin of the name Mildura.

Sunraysia victoria

Sunraysia victoria

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  1. Media[ edit ] The main newspaper that services the region is the Sunraysia Daily , and is published every day except for Sundays.

    Fifteenth Street is also the main strip of big box stores and other commercial enterprises.

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