Sydney to magnetic island

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For more information click here. Both services arrive on Magnetic Island at the Nelly Bay Ferry Terminal where guests of Best of magnetic will be greeted and transferred to their accommodation.

Sydney to magnetic island

We also offer very competitve rates on quality hire cars that wil make sure you see more and do more while on Magnetic Island. Getting to your Accommodation The Best of Magnetic office is only metres from the Magnetic Island ferry terminal, just across the car park. There are a variety of ticket types available including adult, child, concession and family.

Sydney to magnetic island

Sydney to magnetic island

We also exploration very competitve means on mobile hire cars that wil put sure you see more and do more while on Direct Island. Rope Phone is the perfect pit set in prolonged North Queensland, whether you're it a small getaway, a little Austraila assure or anything in between. Sydney to magnetic island

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  1. Magnetic Island is the perfect pit stop in tropical North Queensland, whether you're doing a weekend getaway, a round Austraila trek or anything in between.

    Taxis meet all arrivals and departures.


    The ferry terminals are located near to the centre of the city and easy to locate.

    Qantas has direct flights from Melbourne Jetstar , Sydney and Brisbane and connecting flights from other areas.

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