Tantra sensual massage

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Tantra massage is like someone would caress your soul. Side by Side — One Tantric massage technique is to place either of his hands on each side of your vagina, then use both thumbs to stimulate your clit. Mostly done with a lovely scented massage oil, Yoni massage covers the whole body.

Tantra sensual massage

Contrary to the traditions, our masseuses do not massage on massage beds, but on tatamis, of course with moves that are safe on that. This also implies that challenges like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may be alleviated through tantra massage. A relax moment from the masseuses in Barcelona, in order to explore the sensuality of your body and you will enjoy of the unique and unrepeatable experience.

Tantra sensual massage

Tantra sensual massage

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  1. Simply allow your man to worship your body and remind you how beautiful and capable it is while you relax.

    In body-to-body massage, the masseur uses her own body to give the massage, i.

    We work all your body without any exception and we give you the chance of interacting with our masseuses enjoying of a mutual massage.

    Unlike a regular massage, you will be completely naked.

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