The new tsar

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Putin proved drunk on power and would not accept guidance from anyone, only further isolating himself from his fellow leaders and increasingly from the public. I can only hope that many will take the time to read this and see the monster behind the idyllic mask who has turned Russia on its head yet again. How long Putin will hold the reins of power is anyone's guess, though the recent inauguration of Donald Trump may have finally created a leader with whom Putin can co-exist happily.

The new tsar

Lee shows the disintegration of support by those world leaders who would have, at one time, been staunch allies Bush 43, Chirac and eventually became guarded or spoke out openly against the way Putin acted on the world scene. Infamous stories of poisonings and repressive acts to pull neighbouring countries in line were coloured only by Putin's war with Chechen rebels, whose fight paralleled the radical muslim fighting that Bush 43 faced in his two illegal wars in Asia.

The new tsar

The new tsar

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  1. Having lived and worked through the political metamorphosis of the USSR, Putin's story is one that the reader will likely find captivating as well as frustrating, as Lee pulls no My latest selection in the forty days of biography reading takes me into the life of a current world leader, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation.

    While criticism continues to mount within the country, until a formidable political opposition can present itself, Putin and his cronies will rule with an iron fist, needing no curtain to isolate themselves from the world. Mikheil Saakashvili , the then president of Georgia, remembers being at a banquet with Putin and Aleksandr Lukashenko , the always president of Belarus.

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