The waifs cairns

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But this was more than the Church, which had been excommunicating Freemasons for fifty years, was willing to endure. Gilbert Becket was a member of the Mercers Company, or gild, but as a young man went off on one of the Crusades to war on the infidel Saracens, was captured, was released by "a fair Saracen," a Mohammedan lady ; they fell in love, she followed him to London, professed conversion, and Thomas was their son. Tickets are available from Ticketlink:

The waifs cairns

Thomas learned reading and writing, went to work in the Sheriff's office, and then was employed by the King, upon whose wish, and against Thomas' own desires, he took Holy Orders expressly in order to be named Archbishop of Canterbury, where the King purposed to have a friend and supporter in that highest of ecclesiastica1offices, but discovered to his chagrin, and too late, that "he had a Tartar there. Any two words, the letters of which have the same numerical value, are mutually convertible, and each is supposed to contain the latent signification of the other.

The waifs cairns

The waifs cairns

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  1. A cathedral close of 65 acres was purchased on Mount Saint Alban, feet above the general level of Washington, D.

    Marsh's performance was a commentary not altogether malapropos. This date had been nowhere in general use prior to that time, and afterwards was never accepted by many chronologists.


    A born adventurer, he was by no means a rogue, as his lack of shrewdness has been proved on many occasions.

    The Trowbridge book referred to on page continues to be among the best-read, but to it may be added other titles:

    This was a cartoon in prose, and the Lodge passed a formal Resolution to condemn it as a misrepresentation. Cagliostro did not join the Order with disinterested motives, or at least he determined in a very short period after his initiation to use the Institution as an instrument for the advancement of his personal interests.

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