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Many of the suggested determi- nants and strategies were recognised as valid by health professionals, who had been exposed to the implementa- tion programs that were based on the group interviews [5]. Specific findings are presented in separate publications, most of which have been brought together in a collection of articles in Implementation Science.


For instance, in some other settings, the role of managers may be crucial [9], while it is limited in primary care that is delivered in office-based practices. In each of the countries, specific goals for improving healthcare for the targeted condition were chosen as targets throughout the project.



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  1. Analysis of published tailored implementation programs showed that a wide variety of approaches and methods for tailoring were applied [2], while there is little guidance on their useful- ness.

    They were productive and valid, yet incomplete, if compared to perceptions of healthcare providers who received the tailored implementation programs.


    It is difficult to provide firm take-home message for users of tailored interventions, given the limited evi- dence on tailoring methods and the absence of impact on outcomes in the trials.

    A study protocol describes the outline of the project in detail [3]; its mean features are summarised here.

    To be a realistic option for application outside scientific studies, it would require more efficient methods than individual or group interviews.

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