Unprotected sex in hispanic teens

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The more educated kids are, the more protected they can be from STIs or unwanted pregnancies. The teen birth rate and high rates of non-use of contraceptives extend beyond the high school years.

Unprotected sex in hispanic teens

For girls, the initial talks should come from a female relative, be it her mother or grandmother. Missouri made the top 5 list of states with the most most unprotected sexually active high school students in America because Ideally, teens should be thinking about what kind of sexual activity, if any, they want to engage in and whether they want to prevent STDs or pregnancy.

Unprotected sex in hispanic teens

Unprotected sex in hispanic teens

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  1. Where are students the most sexually active?

    There are lots of other benefits with birth control, so some teens may take it to help with their acne or painful periods, for example. Above all, encourage children to ask questions!

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