Updating applications in itunes

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If you are not signed in, enter your Apple ID and password and click "Get. The iPhone lets you update apps you use for your business on the device via Wi-Fi or a cell phone carrier, but you can also update them via the iTunes software on your office computer. Click the "Get Update" link adjacent to any individual app you want to update.

Updating applications in itunes

Whether we like them or not! This is NOT "out of the box thinking", it is simply telling us, the paying customer "you will take what we give you, and you will like it, or else"!

Updating applications in itunes

Updating applications in itunes

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  1. This displays all of your purchased apps. I use itunes to update, sync and sort all of them, without any problems what so ever.

    We almost went Andriod when they tried to replace our Music with theirs last time! I had to do a full reset on one of the 5's.

    If no such link appears, none of your iPhone apps need to be updated.

    Click "Apps" in the Library section of the sidebar in iTunes. Click "Download All Free Updates" if you want to update all of your apps at the same time.

    You can accept all of the available updates at the same time, or just take them one by one.

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