Updating files in vendor/cache

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Because of the way dependency resolution works, even a seemingly small change for instance, an update to a point-release of a dependency of a gem in your Gemfile 5 can result in radically different gems being needed to satisfy all dependencies. If we configured our git environment properly, we can install the new gem by using the bundle install command as usual. In that case, bundler will stage everything in a temporary directory, then ask you for your sudo password in order to copy the gems into their system location.

Updating files in vendor/cache

When the dependencies are first resolved, Bundler will select activesupport 2. You can revert this option by running bundle install --system.

Updating files in vendor/cache

Updating files in vendor/cache

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  1. From your perspective, this is identical to installing them gems directly into the system.

    When you run bundle install, Bundler notices that you changed the actionpack gem, but not the activemerchant gem. It creates a bundle directory and installs the bundle there.

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    This also means that you cannot include different versions of the same gem in different groups, because doing so would result in different sets of dependencies used in development and production.

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