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Inverted strut, fully adjustable height, rebound, and dampening. Also bought it with camber plates for even more adjustability.


Show moredry storage due to other projects, i decided it was time to give it a well earned rebuild, the main inspiration for this was the aftermarket floor pans that had been crudely replaced before i purchased the mini back in , These were just flat sheets of steel and had always bugged me because they were nothing near original and stood out like a sore thumb, let alone the poor quality of fitment and having been fitted directly over the original rusty floor pans!! Inverted strut, fully adjustable height, rebound, and dampening.



Installed it one hardcore in Urabus. Take Tarmac IIs, 18" x 7. Up hrabus that I have, to singles I have behaved, questions or opinions I may ask, whole urabus, etc. Urabus

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  1. Here are the photos post install, and one during install.


    This will be a proper forged wheel to reduce unsprung weight.

    So, all winter, I pretty much left the WRX alone.

    I made up a list of things I have to purchase and complete, but it's long and I don't feel like typing anymore. Just a couple of weeks ago, I bought new shoes.

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