Validating and copying link data

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Clicking Cancel will delete the entry and let you try again. If you want, you can determine exactly what he needs to enter by selecting the appropriate entry in the Allow drop down.

Validating and copying link data

On the Formula Auditing toolbar, click the Circle Invalid Data button to draw a red circle around any cells that contain invalid data. In either case, Amazon. I take inbound calls at a tech-support center, and we track the various callers by recording their phone number in a spreadsheet.

Validating and copying link data

Validating and copying link data

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  1. The columns in the data list either must butt up against the left edge of the worksheet, or there must be a blank column on each side of the data list.

    As you can see in the figure, the headings in the first row of the list PartID, PartName, and so on turn into data entry fields.

    Entries in the Source field can include spaces, semicolons, and almost any other character. To create an error alert box, follow these steps:

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