Viginal wax

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This will help them stick better to your hair. Shaving in the direction of hair growth instead of against it helps prevent ingrown hairs. Never use aftershave or regular moisturizer, as this can be extremely painful and dry out your skin.

Viginal wax

Laser hair removal generally feels like slight, mildly uncomfortable prickling. If you think the scissors are getting too close to your skin, stop cutting the hair.

Viginal wax

Viginal wax

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  1. Stick to the bikini line for optimal effects. If you have never removed your vaginal hair, consider trimming it.

    Note that different types of waxing kits are tailored to different areas of the body, so make sure you buy the waxing kit for vaginal hair.

    The average treatment length is 6 treatments.

    Follow all package instructions, and wash your hands after use. Use the cream to remove hairs from the exterior of your vagina, and stay well away from your labia.

    Set an alarm and prepare to remove the hair removal cream once the appropriate amount of time has passed. Use a towel or washcloth to remove the cream.

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