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The other top responses for country of birth were England 7. Whilst the great depression in the late 20s and 30s was a personal tragedy for many, it was also a time of work creation and the development of infrastructure. Another purchaser was Captain Louis Hope, who built Ormiston House and established a major sugar plantation and milling operation in Ormiston.

Wellington point qld

An interesting development at the point was the drilling for oil which began in Of these the only surviving industry of any significance is fruit and vegetable farming though rapidly increasing urbanisation has reduced this industry to very low levels. The Second World War had a significant effect on Wellington Point and arguably the most obvious consequence was the US camp during and when US forces camped there and conducted shooting and bombing practice.

Wellington point qld

Wellington point qld

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  1. The first European settlers arrived in Wellington Point in the mids after the first land sales of at which one of the big purchasers was Thomas Lodge Murray Prior.

    Food was plentiful and skillfully hunted, fished and collected. In Gilbert Burnett subdivided more of his Wellington Point holdings, especially around the railway station.

    Tribes of the Yuggera language group inhabited the whole area, with the tribe inhabiting the mainland coastal strip stretching from Redland Bay to the mouth of the Brisbane River being called the Koobenpul. The bay formed in part by Wellington Point was named Waterloo Bay.

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