Wells fargo boycott

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Cheers erupted from the crowd when the measure passed and members of several Native American tribes stood to thank the council. Sponsor "We have enhanced our due diligence on projects such as this to include more research into whether indigenous communities are affected and that they have been properly consulted," she said.

Wells fargo boycott

Both of those options, however, would require a change to state law. The report recites at length why the board did everything it could have done and congratulated it for the independent decision to fire Stumpf and another senior executive responsible for the mess. Seattle's City Council is also on record against the project.

Wells fargo boycott

Wells fargo boycott

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    University of Washington business professor Abhinav Gupta said corporate boycotts may not immediately affect a company financially. Both of those options, however, would require a change to state law.


    The Navajo Nation is considering cutting ties as well, because of the pipeline and other matters. Both of those options, however, would require a change to state law.

    But if you are trying to figure out whether the Wells Fargo directors should be elected to another term of service, the Report needs to be unpacked with a more careful eye.

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