What does unflappable mean

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You, too, can be unflappable It is not just doctors, firefighters or police who need to remain calm in the face of tense, dangerous, or chaotic situations. You will develop better self- awareness which can help to clarify your own feelings and needs, while also helping others navigate conflict or adversity. Being able to manage these difficult times effectively requires skills that anyone can learn.

What does unflappable mean

He won the Masters tournament in April, tying the world record score of set by Tiger Woods in They do not allow events in the world around them to steal their sense of peace.

What does unflappable mean

What does unflappable mean

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  1. This past summer, a year-old golfer named Jordan Spieth got waves of attention from the media.

    Try to stay as light-hearted as possible and appropriate. This past summer, a year-old golfer named Jordan Spieth got waves of attention from the media.


    Unflappable , calm , stress , coping , illness , composure , peace , anger , anxiety , chaos Related posts. The word describes someone who is cool under pressure, who is able to perform well under difficult circumstances, who can make the most of an opportunity, and confidently regain stride after falling.

    He plays the game as a game, not a labor, and from a place of seeming emotional security. Everyone has their own needs and opinions, and tensions and emotions can run high.

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