What is emotional closeness

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Invest in yourself Many wise thinkers have observed in a number of different ways that two strong individuals together make for a stronger relationship. What are ways you build emotional closeness in your relationships? What stood out to you in this post?

What is emotional closeness

Be brave, not aggressive Avoidance destroys intimacy. What are ways you build emotional closeness in your relationships?

What is emotional closeness

What is emotional closeness

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  1. Waiting for the other person never works. Appreciating the why of where your intimate partner is coming from — without feeling threatened that their why might trump yours — is a powerful means of building empathy without giving up your own opinion and empathy is deeply intimate.


    Sometimes important topics have to be tabled for an appropriate time and place, but long-term avoidance is like wind and water on rock — the subtle changes may not be noticeable on a day-to-day basis but one day significant erosion will be evident.


    Learn what your own thoughts, feelings and wants are, and learn how to share them safely with the other person.

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