What is the no contact rule

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Even though the rule itself is simple: I hope this article helped you understand why the no contact rule is so important to getting your ex back.

What is the no contact rule

However, if you respond to them, it is considered breaking the no contact rule. You have to become more powerful than those urges that you feel to contact your ex. During the no contact period, your mind will try to play tricks on you.

What is the no contact rule

What is the no contact rule

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  1. Only you know when natural grieving goes on for too long and turns into obsession and wallowing in pain. It really depends on the type of breakup you had and how much desperate and needy you have been since the breakup.


    Do everything in your power to make yourself feel better, just remember that contacting your ex is not going to do it. Also, if you ever go out drinking with your friends, make sure you give the phone to your friends so as not to drunk dial your ex and make a fool of yourself.

    Make your own space and stay as much as possible in your own room.

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