Whats your chronotype

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I call these chronotypes Dolphins, Lions, Bears, and Wolves. What are some clues that can tell you what your chronotype is?

Whats your chronotype

For instance, taking melatonin before bed can help you feel sleepier, and using light therapy during the day could help you feel more energized. You might also catch a second wind when everyone else is slowing down, or you start to slow down when everyone else is speeding up. Some signs that your chronotype might be out of sync with your schedule include feeling tired when you want to be alert, or frequently having to drink coffee or energy drinks.

Whats your chronotype

Whats your chronotype

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  1. Right after lunch is best, and your boss's preferred lunchtime most likely depends once again on their chronotype.

    Dolphins are light sleepers, and tend to wake up at the slightest noise. Your chronotype is a classification of when your genetic propensity is to sleep.

    Wolves naturally stay up later and sleep later. In emotional terms, if you feel afraid and insecure, it can cause you to act cautiously.

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