Women wearing diapers in public

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A lot more care [is required] for vagina-owners, because it's easier for bacteria to get in. Another source, Res, jokes, "When we see a kid in a diaper, we don't get lustful -- we get jealous.

Women wearing diapers in public

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Women wearing diapers in public

Women wearing diapers in public

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  1. While shopping with my wife, she needed to use the restroom. She had depends in the cart too.

    Putting on the diaper is part of that process, but the act itself is the ultimate catharsis.

    There are "adult babies" who dress like babies, act like babies, and joyfully shit themselves like babies.

    I was sunbathing poolside with a beer when a teenage girl, probably made her way past in a nice blue bikini.

    The two were very giggly. She had depends in the cart too.

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