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In reality, in a fairly healthy individual, blood sugar will remain stable no matter how much fruit is eaten. Your body responds by making more and more insulin and eventually it will get the sugar into the cells. Research done on wild monkeys showed that they eat over milligrams of potassium per day.

Www stevepavlina com

It is like a doorman who turns the knob on the door to each cell, helps sugar go inside, and then closes the door. It makes sense because we lose potassium a lot faster than sodium.

Www stevepavlina com

Www stevepavlina com

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  1. Even eating 19 bananas in one day made no difference. This unscientific trend has also been picked up by the largest proportion of the raw food theorists, many of which go to the extreme of saying that eating lots of sweet fruit is actually unnatural and unhealthy.

    Because the low-fat diet had tuned up her insulin, the blood-sugar was more muted, the peak was lower, and the fall was gentler than before. She again drank exactly the same sugar solution, but the changes in her blood sugar were very different.

    It makes sense because we lose potassium a lot faster than sodium.

    Does eating fruit cause cancer? Even eating 19 bananas in one day made no difference.

    My highest blood sugar reading of the trial was 94, which is still medium-low. The FDA does not allow a supplement to contain more than 99 mg.

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