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With Core Drive 5: As part of a vibrant and passionate community, members will learn how to apply these principles to their lives in fitness, entrepreneurship, productivity, relationships, product design, sales, fundraising, and more.

Yu kai chou

Why should you Pledge Octalysis Prime? Even start a business?

Yu kai chou

Yu kai chou

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  1. That way the later joiners who pay the full price will also benefit from the vibrant community of early passionate members. Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards.

    But we want to reward the early movers who believe in it with the opportunity to get a great deal and be there right at the beginning.

    What's included in Octalysis Prime? The Framework breaks down all motivation into the 8 Core Drives that drive our behavior.

    Who is Yu-Kai Chou? Risks and challenges There are a hand full of risks that could delay or impede with the delivery of the Awesome Octalysis Prime project:

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