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After driving the sampler to depth, the included Foot Jack is an ergonomic and easy way to remove the sampler from the ground. GVP kits use a slide hammer or an electric rotary drive hammer drill and GVP drive extensions to insert a stainless steel GVP tip to the desired sampling depth.


If you come to Selvatica for the ultimate jungle adventure, just know this. Built for tough soil conditions Portable for limited access areas Heavy-duty drive points connect to any 4' x 3' piezometer extensions Barbed Twist-to-Lock Connector acts as a dropweight and sampling point Call The zipline at Whistler, British Columbia, which played host to much of the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, is open year round.



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  1. Can access the sampling point at depths of 12 feet with the supplied extensions Made of all stainless steel construction with bits heat treated before sharpening May be used with or without a retaining cylinder Manufactured from all USA made materials Two sizes and types of kits are available: The type of clothes that stretches a bit.

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